-Robert Collier

In the companies of the Biolid Group we have all the printing systems that are used in the market today, which allows us to print any type of label that our customers may need, regardless of the sector they are


Specialization and a wide variety of materials, inks, films ... Quality at a competitive price in any demand that our clients ask us. We make labels for all kinds of beverages; wine, spirits, beers, water, oil and many others. Our strict quality management system allows the application of any graphic on all types of materials that withstand high humidity conditions, always guaranteeing high adhesion and durability throughout the life of the product.


Personalization and adaptation to multiple formats to offer distinguished results. We have extensive and proven experience in the field of labeling for the food industry; from BIOLID GRAPHIC INDUSTRIES we provide our added value to make your product stand out. In such a demanding sector of such complexity, adapting to the product to be packaged and its special needs, whether the labeling must be in contact with food or not, whether it must withstand cold or heat ... We have the appropriate material for each specific case.


Manufacture of labels in materials specially designed for correct gluing and adjustment to the different containers used by our clients. Using the most modern and quality technology, we manufacture labels for cleaning and sanitary products such as gels, soap, disinfectants, alcoholic solutions ... in any size and format, and both on a roll or individual. We comply with all the necessary certificates for the handling and application of this type of products.


Experience and advice in all the requirements of a demanding sector to overcome the toughest tests and situations such as salt spray tests, atoxicity in combustion, resistance tests, wear, scratches, visibility, etc. Industrial labeling requires high quality and guarantee requirements that BIOLID GRAPHIC INDUSTRIES more than covers; the industrial and automotive sectors demand the highest quality finishes and materials in their products, which translate into improved productivity and competitiveness, as well as continuous improvement of processes. To achieve this objective, we have the appropriate quality management system that allows us to meet the demanding standards of this market.


We have materials suitable to withstand the most extreme temperatures and the worst conditions. At BIOLID GRAPHIC INDUSTRIES we have been working with companies in the steel sector for a long time. In this time we have adapted all our labels to the needs of our customers. Nowadays, it is very important to have all the products identified from the manufacturer to the end user, and this part of the process is where Biolid is an expert. We have labels capable of resisting temperatures higher than 600º C, tearing, outdoors ... High Temp labels are recommended for situations in which printed labels of great durability and resistant to the highest temperatures are needed.


Our knowledge of different needs in the most diverse sectors, give us a know-how about materials that give us a very important competitive advantage over other label manufacturers.